Episode 44

Published on:

9th Dec 2022

Is there a bio-digester in your future?

The growing attention to programs to cut greenhouse gas emissions, engage in climate-smart farming and maximize resources is converging on a process that’s been around for centuries – bio-based gas. Anaerobic digesters have been put to use on poultry, swine and dairy operations for years putting that gas to work powering electric generators, but now buyers just want the gas. And the Inflation Reduction Act is turning up the heat on the whole idea.

Todd Taylor, an attorney with the Minneapolis firm Avisen, is involved with new businesses, and innovations in a range of industries and he has his eye on renewable natural gas. In this episode of Around Farm Progress, he discusses the opportunities ahead and shares why it matters to farmers. A key is that renewable natural gas production is now on the same footing as solar and wind power in the eyes of financial incentive programs focused on renewable energy.

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